A look back at Darksiders 2

Death again

A short review of Darksiders 2

Alright let’s jump right into this because firstly I do really love this game, but there are some pretty bad points too. Darksiders 2 came out two years ago in 2012 and so far it’s not been dated too badly, although I will mention some points about the game’s graphics.

Darksiders 2 is set in a beautiful universe revolving around Heaven, Hell, Earth, and the Charred council that stands as a judicator between. The charred council created the four horseman of the apocalypse, one of which is Death, and is the character you play as. The game plays as a hack and slash with puzzle elements to it, and is overall pretty fun. Sometimes the puzzles are a tad repetitive but overall the level designs are really well laid out.

There are some other great interactive parts of the game like quick times events, and parkour that add extra levels of gameplay, and the actual fighting mechanics (although not too original) are really intuitive and challenging. The characters you fight against are fairly generic throughout the game but they are different enough to keep you interested to plough through them all, and the loot they drop is often different so that adds an extra layer to fighting the enemies you encounter. The boss-battles in the game are amazingly fun and are always different to one another, giving different challenges in their unique ways. A downside to the boss-battles though is the mini boss-battles because they are often very similar and take a lot of grinding to kill. Towards this they are fairly frequent throughout the game.

boss battle

One aspect to the game which is just fantastic is the customisation in the game. You can customise all of Death’s armour and weapon’s each giving Death different stats and aesthetic looks. Towards this you will often find the loot enemies drop are customisable items available for Death to use and wear, which is why it is so fun and exciting to kill all the enemies you find.

The art style to the game is just outstanding, and is the similar to that of a cel based animation, but at the same tone is very toned down. Each environment you enter is breath taking in terms of size and gothic style, from the giant ancient hallways to the plains of the Kingdom of the dead, everything is beautiful.


However let’s take a look closer at these areas. Unfortunately the closer you get to the details of an area, the more you notice the low quality textures. This is primarily a console game intended for 720p viewing yet when it’s ported over to PC, in 1080p it doesn’t look as good as we once thought. The low quality textures is probably down to a few reasons, one being the art style being very relatable to a comic book art design, and also because the console version hasn’t ported too well over to the PC version.

Furthermore there are quite a lot of glitches in Darksiders 2 and if you watch a speed-run of Darksiders 2, you’ll be quite unpleasantly surprised at how easy people can get out of bounds. In saying this though it isn’t too often you’ll encounter glitches, and even when you do it generally won’t be game breaking for you.

The game itself is more narrative driven than it is gameplay driven, which to some may be a downside but good gravy the story is fantastic. Sometimes it does take itself a little too seriously, but overall you’ll feel fully immersed in this wonderfully complex and vibrant story ark that Death offers.

Can we replay this game through a few times? Absolutely, there are lots of huge environments to explore and discover that you might have missed on your first play through. There is also The Crucible for those who really enjoy the games fighting, and want to go through waves of enemies for amazing loot, and upon completion of all 101 waves you are granted the legendary “Abyssal” armour which really puts your character’s stats incredibly high.

So overall Darksiders 2 is a brilliant game and is worth a thorough look at. I would strongly recommend you take a look at it yourself and would rate it happily a strong 16/20

repaer form


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