Are games over-hyped?


Unfortunately I say, yes

Games that are being released today are unfortunately way too over-hyped. I don’t want to make enemies here, but IGN? (They’re a tad biased) but you didn’t hear anything from me! Let’s take a look at a few examples:


Titanfall to me is a great game that is a lot of fun. Its multiplayer is amazingly fun, and the look and feel of the game is fantastic. That being said though the games community can be argued is slowly dwindling, but how can that be if it had such a big crowd backing it before its release? Hype my friends may be the enemy here. The game before its release looked as though it was going to rival competitors such as Battlefield, Halo, and Call of Duty; but now I think we can all agree it’s not close to these competitors. Again I do think Titanfall is a really cool game, but a game without a proper single-player campaign, and repetitive multiplayer was it really worth all the hype it got? I think it was way too hyped up.

Unfortunately I’m beginning to see this happen more often now, and I’ve seen it with the Destiny. Now before I get all the exotic and legendary guns pointed at me, I will say Destiny is a great game. A great game that I feel was way too hyped up. There are great points to destiny like the multiplayer, the customisation, the levelling up system, and the grinding you have to do to get great rewards. However a super short campaign and a multiplayer that if you look at it isn’t too phenomenal, was it worth the hype? Well maybe for Destiny it was, but I’m sure that the game in some ways was definitely over-hyped.


Overall I love hype for games but when it is over-hyped that’s when it begins to get a little tiresome. I don’t think there is a solution for this other than I hope all of you don’t buy into the hype too much.

Also I hope you liked this and thanks for reading!


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