Think you’ve finished a game too quickly?


The speed running community!

If you think you’ve finished a game quickly, you may want to take a look at this community if you haven’t done before. Did you ever play Tony Hawk’s Pro skater 2? Well have a look at this any% run!

Speed running games is a huge community within gaming, with links to charities for cancer, to just competition. Watching a speed run of a game you’ve played before will most likely shock you, especially if you thought you’d finished an old favourite game of yours quickly.

There are many popular games to speed run in the speed running community, like the old Super Mario 64, the portal games, and to games like Dishonoured. Each with their own sub sections like pacifist runs, or 100% completion runs.


There are Tool assisted runs which means there are some modified aspects of the game, whether it be the controller or certain player attributes, but there is still a huge player influence in the speed run that is great to watch.

If you have a favourite game in mind I strongly recommend you type the game into Youtube followed by speed run, to see how crazily talented people can be!


Again thanks for reading, and if you know any games that are great fun to speed run let us know in the comments!


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