Do Tell a tale about Telltale!


We here are at EVA love Telltale and their games. What’s that whispering on the winter air though?


If you may or may not know a new series is soon to pop up, created none other than our very own beloved Telltale. As to the decisions made in the game and throughout that’s to be seen. We hope that the decisions really impact the story and what happens in the game, and not something where the choices you make won’t really affect what happens at the end of the game. This happened before at the end of the Walking Dead season 1, but we were still pretty happy how that went. We also look forward to Telltale giving us great dialogue options like they’ve provided in the past, but there as always there are concerns for what dialogue some characters may have…


We here at EVA will keep an eye out for any development on the new Game of throne series by Telltale, so we hope you stick around for more updates!

As always thanks for reading!


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