Halo 2’s golden days!


Ahhhh back in the day… For me Halo 2 was my first online experience for gaming, and for many others it was their first too. I even remember my very first game on Halo 2, with my mother watching in the background as I was hurled abuse from across the oddly shaped Xbox live headsets. I told her that not all games would have screaming teenagers raging through microphones, and fortunately that was the case.


My online self began to blossom, all because of Halo 2’s fantastic multiplayer. My favourite game type was team snipers, (and still is!) that rush of adrenaline I used to get as the bullet trails streaked above the the little snipers nests gave me something that other games didn’t even come close to. A sense of competitiveness and real focus that Halo 2’s online community provided, made me the gamer I am today.


I still remember like it was yesterday big custom game lobbies of around 10-16 playing the usual infection game types, but not how it is played today. Back then there was no real playlist for infection, so we had to use green team as the zombies and everybody else as red and if you got killed by anybody on the green team you were asked to change to green team as part of the zombies. It really was a beautiful community of all sorts of people cooperating and playing together respectively, I just hope we see that return with the new Master Chief collection.

Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack - Xbox

As always thanks for reading!


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