A little look back at Split Second: Velocity!

Extreme speed, explosions, and intense racing rivalry! What is this game?


Split second is of course a racing game that I’m sure a fair few people have heard of. However most of the time when I ask people about it, not that many people remember it or have never heard of it. For some of us here at EVA we love this racing game.

It’s refreshing for the fact it’s a racing game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and at the same time isn’t too outlandish. Sure it has some pretty extreme elements to it, but the graphics and aesthetics of the game make it somewhat believable. It’s not too silly or too serious, it’s just right!


We do love the extreme elements to this game though, the intense high speeds, and the skyscraper shattering explosions that change the direction of the race course make the game hilariously fun to play, with tons of replay-ability to it.

If you haven’t checked it out we strongly recommend you have a look at this little gem and give it a whirl!

As always thanks for reading!


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