Halo 5 multiplayer talk!

Hey guys! So A while ago we took a look at some Halo 5 multiplayer gameplay and at first we were a little skeptical. Having had a little more information and after a good look at the gameplay we’ve been shown, here are some thoughts about the game we have so far:


Well let’s start with aiming down the sights. At first glance we were worried about aiming down the sights due to the similarities in other leading video games *cough, cough, CoD, cough* and the traits that go with aiming down the sights. After a little research we found that aiming down the sights in Halo 5 is exactly the same as scoping in, in any other Halo game just with an updated aesthetic. There are no changes to movement or strafing speed, which we think is great!


Initially we thought that it was too easy to kill and be killed in games that we’ve seen, and in turn that would detract from Halo’s extensive competitive history. However it isn’t as easy as we initially thought, although there are some major changes for example; shields don’t recharge when you sprint which at first was worrying but then we realised it will force a player to play smarter, and then they will become more competitive.


¬†Overall we’re really pleasantly surprised at the direction of Halo 5’s multiplayer and we’re thoroughly excited to get a hands on experience with the Beta’s release on the 29th December.

As always thanks for reading!


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