Games that have flopped!

Over the recent years there have been a few games that have flopped in dramatic fashion. We thought it would be nice to brush over a few of these games:


As you may have guessed already, Aliens: Colonial Marines is at the top of this list and for obvious reasons! The demo’s released for this game, looked amazing, but the release was, well, bad. It was just plain bad. That being said there were some redeemable features of this game but because it was such a let down, it made the game FLOP!


A game you may not have expected on this brief list is Elder Scrolls Online. Now this being said it hasn’t been released on consoles at this time, so it may make a comeback yet, however the PC version was released earlier this year, and quite frankly it isn’t great. For such a successful predecessor as Skyrim it is strange how much Elder Scrolls Online has disappeared off everyone’s radar. There is a few good reasons for this though, and a few of them include too much hype, early release glitches, and lack of a story for your main character. There are some amazing aspects to this game but so far it has been a massive FLOP!


Here’s another game you may not have expected to see on this list, but we believe it has place on this list, and here’s why. Firstly this game was a successor to a truly massive franchise, yet the Gears of War series has faded out since the release of this game. Secondly the story was a let down, it was short, it felt disappointing, and it left us feeling like the game was filler for something else. Thirdly whilst the multiplayer was fun and lasted quite a while, it didn’t have that potency that the other Gears of War games gave us. Don’t get us wrong this is still a great game and it does have a lot of followers still, but since its release looking at this game now, it’s a FLOP!

As always thanks for reading, and if you disagree with this list, or want to add more to it, let us know in the comments!


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