Games with the theme of Theme parks!


We all love a great game around theme parks, but what’s some of our favourite? Well let’s go through a couple of our favourites!


Ah the sweet childhood memories that were replaced with hours of playing this game… Of course the RollerCoaster Tycoon series was going to be on this list, but our personal favourite of the series is number two! There are few reasons for this, but for the most part it’s because we’re a little biased towards this one. Growing up with this game we loved every aspect to it, even with its flaws!


Another childhood favourite of ours is Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Again countless hours were thrown into this game, but we have to say, what a beautiful way to spend those hours! We loved creating our most favourite and iconic Dinosaurs, and admittedly, pitting them against each other and releasing them on our unsuspecting park visitors.


As always thanks for reading and let us know some your favourites park themed games!


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