A quick look at Sunset Overdrive!


By the creators of Insomniac games, comes this highly addictive open world comical shooter, Sunset Overdrive. There have been several great points about this game, but it’s had some pretty bad reception from players so far. Mainly its comparisons to Infamous. Whilst there are some significant similarities, they are both in reality vastly different games. In terms of how the game plays it is greatly different to Infamous but there are some striking similarities when looking at some of the abilities your character can perform.

From the gameplay we’ve seen we can see the similarities that have made this game so talked about recently, but honest let’s look at the good points about this game.


Firstly lets look at the gameplay, and how much fun it is! The open world and comic styled environment is a real treat to look at and is so much fun to jump around in!


Secondly let’s look at the comic style of the game. It’s brilliant! Looking at games like Bulletstorm and Saints Row, this game is hilarious and can keep delivering laughs for hours.

As always thanks for reading, and if you want your say on Sunset Overdrive, let us know in the comments!


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