Star Wars Episode 7: An overview on our thoughts about the new Cross-guard Lightsaber


Okay so hopefully by now we’ve all had time to look at the new Star Wars trailer that was released, and we’ve all had a good amount of time to make up our minds about what we saw. We’ll be taking a look at the Cross-guard Lightsaber in particular and give a few of our own thoughts on the subject, because right now we’re not too sure how to take this.

Firstly let’s take a look at the many, many,many variations of Lightsabers. Throughout Star Wars there have been various exotic variations of the Lightsaber all of which have their appropriate functions, and styles. It is not hard to imagine a Lightsaber based off another real life (and very functional) sword such as the Long sword, and in various comics we have seen similar examples as such.


However we’ve noticed a lot of controversy over the idea that the cross section of the Long sword that protects the hand (The Guard), being it is a lightsaber will hinder the user, and will more likely cause the user more damage than offer protection. This is a fair point to make, if the user is unskilled in using a Long sword to begin with. However we have to take into account the user is more than extremely skilled in using this weapon, along with the idea that they have a much more heightened sense of awareness than the average person.


The last point I’d like to talk about is the effectiveness of the Cross guards defense. As we can see in the image above the entire cross guard isn’t the same material. It seems to have a have material that isn’t that of a lightsaber in its cross section. This is at the center of a lot of debates, because there are metals and different materials in the Star Wars universe that would deflect, or stop a lightsaber from cutting through. So instead of using two extra mini Lightsabers why not use a materiel that would be just as effective as a cross guard?


As always thanks for reading!


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