Thoughts about Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer


A few thoughts about how Halo 5’s new gametype, Warzone will play out. Click through to read more and to watch a full match of the new game type!

I’d like to start off by saying I’ve been an avid fan of the Halo series since I was but a wee sprite more than 10 years ago! With Halo 2 being the first game I ever played online with, I was fascinated with the idea of playing with other like-minded people all across the globe. Secondly I’d like to say I am incredibly excited for Halo 5’s multiplayer. That being said let’s get into it!


Now the Halo series has evolved into something I couldn’t possibly imagine back in the Halo 2 days and with it funnily enough so has the game company behind it. The mantle has been passed onto 343 and so far we’ve received an interesting collection of games from 343i such as Halo 4, the tablet games like Spartan Assault, and the Master Chief Collection.


I’ll be honest so far I’m not too impressed with how 343i has taken care of the Halo series, and that’s mainly down to Halo 4’s multiplayer. Whilst there were many great aspects to the multiplayer in Halo 4, it constantly left me wanting more. For example each Halo game seemed to introduce something new whereas Halo 4 introduced Ordinance killstreaks, a few new weapons and a Mantis (In all fairness because of the Tea bagging ability it was pretty awesome.)


but to say the least it felt a little underwhelming. Yeah there were some new gametypes like Dominion but let’s be honest isn’t dominion just 3 plots with a base that does little to progress the game?


Moving onwards from Halo 4 we got the Master Chief Collection, and Halo 2 anniversary. I loved the Halo 2 anniversary it really brought me back to my Halo 2 days, and the cut scenes were just breath-taking. The multiplayer of the Master Chief Collection was good, initially it took a little getting used to the 60fps on some of the games but mainly I really enjoyed it and still do. I will say the matchmaking system when the game first came out was… not good to be polite, but now it works pretty well. The ranking system is a little strange it has a tendency to party level 1’s to 5’s on a team against level 20+’s but otherwise it works fairly well, certainly better than Halo 4’s.


What we can see happening is a gradual improvement from 343i which I’m very happy about, especially after playing the Halo 5 beta. I really, REALLY enjoyed the Halo 5 beta and played nearly over 3 days of it! I felt the gameplay was a massive step up and introduced a staggering amount of new aspects into the Halo series.

Onto the topic of the hour now, as we’ve seen a lot of gameplay from Halo 5’s Warzone, I’ve been able to formulate a pretty good opinion from what’s been shown. Firstly 12 player’s vs 12; definitely something we haven’t seen before in Halo, as long as the maps are big enough and not too clustered I’m very pleased with this addition and think it will be extremely addictive.

halo 5 warzone (1)

I did however see something I am not too happy about and that’s the points you gain during a match that go towards acquiring power weapons. Whilst it is understandably to encourage newer players into the franchise by giving them “bigger toys the more they play” the more experienced players like myself will have a constant access to sniper rifles and other one kill weapons that, in the right hands, can be pretty frustrating for the other team to play against. Towards this if the person keeps getting kills with a sniper what’s to stop him being able to constantly replenish his ammo?


One last addition I’d like to talk about is the AI added to warzone which makes me again super excited. With the exception of firefight and Co-op we’ve never been able to play against AI in multiplayer and this might divert a lot of attention away from players with power weapons so the requisition points towards power weapons may not be so bad after all.

Thanks for reading, and if you have anything to say about this please comment and let us know what you think!

Videos from and Ultimate Halo. Great Halo content creators!


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