A quick look at Batman: Arkham Knight


A few thoughts on Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight after completion is a thoroughly satisfying game, personally I would say even more so than previous Batman titles. The story is fantastic and gripping just like a Batman story should be and the main protagonist is no longer the Joker (Although we love him, we don’t need four Batman vs Joker games).  There are some obvious characters revealed in the end but still it is a really fantastic story.


There are some really excellent features in Arkham knight that we haven’t seen before like the Batmobile and the mission select features, but the game isn’t completely innovative. For example the game is still more or less based around the same fighting mechanics as the last three games, and the stealth sections are still the same grapple across the ceiling like Spider-man until you catch someone off-guard. There are some nice new gadgets and abilities in the game, but nothing stunning really. I will say that the Fear Take-down is amazing however and I absolutely loved that feature even if it is a tad over-powered.

The bigger playable area is a great addition to the game making it feel much more immersive, and giving the player more room to explore and really feel like a patrolling Batman, rather than a caged bird. The bigger playable area definitely makes the Batmobile a lot more fun to play around in, although first getting used to the Batmobile is admittedly a bit of a challenge.


One last point I’d like to talk about is the side missions of Arkham knight. This is the only Batman I’ve played where there has been a real incentive to complete the side missions, and that incentive is really great. Seeing all of the bad guys you put behind bars is a brilliant feature that really gives you a huge satisfaction and sense of completion. It is because of that I have continued to play Batman after completion of the game and really wanted to get 100% which is rare considering completing the riddler side missions, you have to trawl across Gotham searching for collectables of all things. Nevertheless I plundered those collectables to see the games completion.


Thanks for reading, and if you liked or disagree with this quick look at Batman: Arkham Knight comment and let us know!


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