Star Wars Battlefront 3 talk


We take a look at some gameplay and talk about map sizes.

After seeing all of the trailers and gameplay footage we could find we can safely say that Battlefront 3 looks awesome, but does it live up to its predecessors?

Well the main thing I want to talk about is the map sizes. Star wars battlefront 1&2 had massive arenas and battle zones to play in, making it a sandbox with lots of star wars toys to fly and shoot around in which for me, made it one of the more enjoyable aspects of the games.

Now when it comes to Battlefront 3 I don’t think that the scale of the maps will be as large (especially Hoth) but that might not be such a bad thing especially with the Frostbite engine being used. Having played countless hours across the Battlefield games I can safely say the scale of the maps in those games are more than adequate and would support the scale of what I’d hope to be in Battlefront 3.


My main concern however in looking at the Hoth gameplay in Battlefront 3 is everything seemed to be a little bit cramped in. Even though the playable area was still pretty big having everything in one area seemed a little clustered. It will still be amazing fun to play no doubt, but will it become repetitive in the same way Battlefield does with its clustered maps (Look at Metro station for example, that map plays out nearly the same way each time with one team pushed back to their spawn eventually.)


This said I am still hugely optimistic that Battlefront 3 will only have a few characteristics of the Battlefield games. Even if Battlefront 3 does play like a Battlefield game, personally that doesn’t bother me much if at all.

Thanks for reading, if you have any say on Battlefront 3  comment and let us know!


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