A blast from the Star Wars past!


Another childhood game that wasted so many hours

As a kid I didn’t play many Nintendo 64 games other than the Star Wars games, and the ones I did play I was absolutely addicted too. Admittedly Battle for Naboo might not of been┬áthe best N64 title and it was based on one of the less favoured Star Wars movies but that didn’t mean it was a bad game, if anything quite the opposite!


Battle for Naboo as you may have guessed is set in the time of episode 1 and you play as a pilot of the Naboo guard. The game will have you play a variety of missions utilizing different Star Wars vehicles each with different attributes. The game really is quite good considering how dated it is, and it really is a testament to how good it would have been back when it was released.


There will always be a special place in my heart for this game being it the first game where I played where I could fly around in the Star Wars universe. Hopefully this November we will all get to fly around again in Star Wars Battlefront 3 and have as much fun as I did way back then.

Thanks for reading and if you played any childhood Star Wars games, comment and let us know what you thought of them!


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