A look at some of our favourite mods across games!


This short list will be a little brief because of the magnitude of how many mods are out there, and some mentioned will only be games because of how many mods for those games there are. Firstly we’d like to mention Skyrim.


Well there is a lot to say about Skyrim mods firstly because there are so many, and secondly because they range from downright amazing to downright insane, with everything in between.


For the most part however I would probably say that a great deal of Skyrim mods tend to a bit perverse in their nature, so unless if you’re into that I wouldn’t delve too deep into these mods.

The next game on this list of course has to be Minecraft. Minecraft has an astoundingly huge community filled with modders of the game and the amount of mods the game has just spills everywhere.


Next we’d like to mention one of the biggest mods to have ever been created, Counter Strike. Counter Strike was originally a mod from the game Half-Life created in 1999 and released in 2000, making it quite an old mod at that. The mod has then gone onto release it’s own franchise and spawned a massive community since and is currently one of the most played games to date.


Following Counter Strike we couldn’t help but mention Team Fortress 2. Another Valve spawned mod, Team Fortress was originally a mod from Quake and has since released the sequel Team Fortress 2. Quite different to the first Team Fortress, Team Fortress 2 also has an unbelievably huge community that still plays today and will do for a very long time.


Thanks for reading and if you have any favourite mods, comment and let us know!


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